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1700S ANTIQUE PRINT - Architecture - The fortified town of Gravelines (North) - Nord-Pas-de-Calais - FRANCE

SUBJECT: The fortified town of Gravelines (North) was built in the sixteenth century and modified by Vauban in the following century. Here is a map engraved in the late seventeenth century by Nicolas de Fer (1646-1720).

"Gravelines, a fortified town of the Country Down in County of Flanders near the Mouth of the River Aa in a full cut several channels Latitude 51 Degrees and 20 Degrees Longitude MTES 10, she was called formerly St Willebrod it is so far from the sea that flows between her Fossez the Mareschal de Turenne took Roy lan for 1658 since it remained to Francis.
In Paris, at the Sr de Fer, in the Isle of Palais Royal Sphere "

PRINTING METHOD : engraving, blank on reverse

SHEET SIZE: 23 x 33 cm (9" x 12.9")

DATE: 1770's

CONDITION : This is an ORIGINAL antique print and not a modern reproduction! All our prints are generally in good condition, but please note that all antique prints are subject to age toning so you should expect small imperfections such minor yellowing, blemishes, soiling, etc. On the other hand that gives them much more antique charm and patina.

NO REPRODUCTIONS in this shop. The above images has been cropped, the original sheet has not been cropped. Comes in new clear sleeve, protected and supported with firm cardboard.

110 EUR