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1700s Antique Print Tarku - Urbs Tartarorum in Dagestahn ad mare Caspium - Tarku Tarki Russia Dagestan Caspian Sea

SUBJECT:   Tarku - Urs Tartarorum in Dagestann and Mare Caspium - a landscape and legend showing a military camp in the mountains, city and fortifications in the background. View of hills towards to the city with a camp and armed soldiers on horseback in the foreground. Legend marks homes, gardens, a cemetery and the Caspian Sea. According to oral tradition, Tarki sits on the site of Samandar, the capital of Khazaria until the early 8th century. In 1396, Timur passed through Tarki on a military campaign. In the late 15th century, Tarki became the capital of the Shamkhals who held sway in Dagestan until the early 18th century, when their territory contracted to a tiny strip of the Caspian shore. The Shamkhals submitted to Russian authority more than once, first in the early 17th century, then during the Persian Expedition of Peter the Great and Persian Expedition of 1796. As early as 1559, Ivan the Terrible had a Russian fort constructed there. In 1668, the town was sacked by the Cossacks of Stenka Razin. The town finally passed to Russia under the terms of the Treaty of Gulistan (1813). Eight years later, the Russians built Burnaya Fortress there, which was succeeded by Fort-Petrovsk, now known as Makhachkala.

PRINTING METHOD : copper engraving, blank on reverse

SHEET SIZE: 30 x 33 cm (11.8" x 12.9")

DATE: 1700's
CONDITION : This is an ORIGINAL antique print and not a modern reproduction! All our prints are generally in good condition, but please note that all antique prints are subject to age toning so you should expect small imperfections such minor yellowing, blemishes, soiling, etc. On the other hand that gives them much more antique charm and patina.

NO REPRODUCTIONS in this shop. The above images has been cropped, the original sheet has not been cropped. Comes in new clear sleeve, protected and supported with firm cardboard.
250 EUR